Yoga Delta. Be The Change.

The delta is a symbol for change. If there’s anything in this world that is constant, it is change. But yet, we as humans deal with so poorly. Why?

Most people dislike change. Whether it’s a move, relationship status, job transfer or a loss of a loved one — life’s transitions can knock us off our feet, removing us from our peaceful center. When it hits us hard, we oftentimes feel stuck and need something to relieve us from that rut.

Just like most people, I resisted change and was forced to reset myself back to center and get unstuck. I’ve tried one outlet after another — from bad vice to therapy — nothing seemed to work. Until yoga found me.

I honestly believe that yoga practice has saved me from myself. It has been my catalyst for change, and I want to use yoga as a tool to empower others to be the change they want to see in this world.

I developed Yoga Delta to share my journey with others. Our classes and workshops are designed for busy men and women who want to learn about mindful techniques and yoga practice to aid them in life’s transitions. These techniques can easily be incorporated in any lifestyle. All it takes is a willingness to break the cycle of resisting change and start healthy habits towards embrace positive change.

Yoga Delta
Be the change.